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A long history that comes from the territory in which we operate.

La Selva is an agricultural company deeply linked to the territory in which it operates. Campania Felix land of long and deep agricultural traditions has always offered a quality and variety of products with very few comparisons. Felix stands for the opulence and productivity of the region, thanks to the fertile volcanic soils, to the Volturno river and to the mild and pleasant climate.

Today in this land, time and tradition have made possible the development of an important agricultural business, one of the main sectors of the Campania Region, also thanks to the forward-looking and solid management of companies such as La Selva.


Having a prosperous and profitable orchard starts from a meticulous cultivation of the soil in which it is implanted: the ploughing, the fertilisation, the irrigation, the soil management and the plant protection, are the first steps to create an orchard with quality products in few years.

The sun exposure

The fruit trees, need to live in a mild and sunny area for their growth and development. On the other hand, an excessive intensity of light, enables the plant’s defense mechanisms, to preserve which it is required a waste of phytochemical energies and hydric resources with likely negative effects on the plant productivity. We must therefore find the right balance of the orchard sunlight exposure.

The harvesting

From May to November it is time to harvest. Knowing what to do is important to bring to the table healthy and unwrinkled fruits and, above all, for a longer storage. To harvest we must first know that there are fruits that ripen even after being detached from the plant and others that interrupt the ripening process as soon as they are harvested. The day must be dry as well as the fruits: never harvest after the rain. During summer, the best time is given by the early morning hours, when the dew has dried; During spring and autumn, the late morning; During winter, the midday.

The ripening

The ripening of fruit is triggered by a vegetable origin hormone called ethylene. After being harvested, some fruits, called climacteric, still produce high ethylene quantity carrying out and speeding up cellular respiration and so the ripening. This is the case of the Annurca apple, whose ripening ends at the end of December (after being harvested in October), when the Annurca apple begins to be available on the market, until the summer of the next year.

The packaging

After the harvesting and the final ripening, it is packaging time. A machine labels the fruits reporting the expiry date and the production batch on each individual package. The packages are finally packed and stored in a warehouse, where the conditions (temperatures and humidity for example) are suitable for an optimal preservation before shipment.


In order to ensure the freshness and quality of the products and to preserve their organoleptic properties, we only use temperature – controlled (from 0°C to 4° C) refrigerated truck without ever breaking the cold chain. In fact, with refrigerated truck, the goods are delivered fresh every day. Delivery times vary from 1/2 working days depending on the destination city. Approximately, all the major cities are served in 1 working day.

Some reasons to choose La Selva

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Via Bonifica - C.da La Selva
81058 Vairano Patenora
Caserta - Italy



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© Società Agricola la selva. All rights reserved.